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产品名称:Disposable Non- viscous Bipolar Electric Coagulation Forceps
发布日期:2018/12/13 13:40:01
Product Description

Product introduction
Electric coagultion forceps serves as an important tool to stop bleeding in surgery. But problems, such as scar and tissue adhesion which will lead to rebleeding, might occur in the process of electric coagulation and cannot be ignored. Disposable Nov-viscous Bipolar Electric Coagulation Forceps, developed by Beijing Honghugaoxiang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd, has been equipped with the function of preventing adhension, lowering the local temperature, reducing the damage and enlarging the vision in surgery. It has been approved by 80% of hospitals and many famous doctors in China. Its products are exported to Thailand, South Africa, India and other countries.



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